Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I guess all my blog readers are like gone uh. Hahaha :D I'm back. And I'm officially posting @ I'm not gonna delete And-ThatGirl-Ed because I love it. Hahaha! I've got my first post up @ shermaine-lovesyou already. And I promise to update regularly. Seeyou there!
Ps; Blogger refuses to allow me to upload pictures. So my photo's not up @ shermaine-lovesyou. Hehheh, my every post supposingly must have a picture on top! :) Nevermind...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Ohmygodxzxz! I smell of butter cake now! Rawr! My face is like super oily nowww, even after washing it twice and wiping it with facial wipes! Hahaha! :D I've got cream on my tee too, that turned into oil though. But after all the process of cake-smashing was fun :) Lovely class. Hate Junming, he smashed the whole cake right into my face, when I only got like two dots of cream onto his face. We were quite crazy though. Funfunfun. After all, we only get to play this once in dont know how many years :D Picture session and home! Ohohoh, on my way home, when me & Jiamin were on the bus, there were two girls right behind us and they said, "Do you smell the cake we ate somewhere?" And we laughed, that was prolly us :X Ahaha! Imma go get ready! Gonna be off shopping with Momma & Sissy. Stress relieve :D Then to church later on! Hoho. Love me peeps!

PS/ My new link's almost done :) Am a happy kiddo. I shall just tell ya all the link, but its empty now. CLICK! I'll prolly start posting there sooooooon! And pictures soon too, will be up @ thepicture-perfect! LOVES! <3

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Saturday, August 1, 2009

I havent really had the time to do a proper update. But I guess I'm already lazy to do so... Hehheh. But I'll let the pictures do the talking soooooon! For the past few weeks lah, and my awesome birthday! Yay! Love you people. Many things' been happening recently, so kinda dont have the mood to update! :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Loves! Hahaaaaa. I'll update soon! :D

Monday, July 13, 2009

I missed school today. Woke up with a bad headache and cramps that almost killed me. Slept in Momma's room and went to the polyclinic with Jie. Waited super long for my turn. Okay, or rather, we were the last in the whole clinic. The doctor asked me alot of questions and ended with "Okay, I give you 2 days MC to rest at home. Cannot go out jalan jalan uh, stay at home." Hahaha! She was really nice. But I dont think I wanna stay at homey! I shall talk about yesterday! :D

Youth Sunday! :D Woke up around 625am, so proud of myself! Heh. Kope-d people's breakfast here and there. Rehearsed once through after prayer. Enjoyed the performance lah :D Yay! Sat through Chinese service also. Then buffet! Flooded Angela's camera with our pretty faces! Hahaha! Karaoke session too! :D Headed over to my Aunty's to celebrate my birthday in advance! :) Napped till evening. Then dinner and cake! Water bomb session also! And I got all went. Junjie cheated me and the whole bucket of water was splashed onto me. Then no one wanted to get me a towel so I was stuck outside... Home-d and fell dead immediately. Collected angbaos! Thankyou :D

3 more days to my awesome day! :D

Friday, July 3, 2009

Okay! I'm back at last! I've got super lots of drafts in blogger, but all not complete. So I decided to not post any of them and post a new one! Like now :D I know you missed me! HAHAHA! And oh, I've got a new URL! When its done I'll switch over and tell ya all! My week's been, cool I guess. School started and holidays were okay! Busy though, didnt really had much time to really enjoy. Church camp was a w e s o m e! And I've gone a step closer to my lovely churchies. BECAUSE... I'VE BEEN SEEING THEM ALMOST EVERYDAY, even up till now! And I love them very muchy! Hehheh! They love me toooooo, self-claimed. School's been fine I guess. I'm happy this week, cause I didnt fall asleep in any of the classes, or feel tired! YAY! Hope it would be for the rest of the year lah. I'm bored. Oh, reminds me this. I sent a text to Mummy yesterday.

"Hihi Mummy. Your lovely daughter's going to church for dance. I'll settle dinner myself. LOVES!"

Then she called after sometime. "Your lovely Mummy also going to church for cell."
I went, "Woah, you so thickskin call yourself lovely."
Mummy, "You also what."
Me, "You dare to say I not YOUR lovely daughter meh?"
Mummy, "Then you dare to say I not your lovely Mummy meh?"

HAHAHA! The story continues lah. Mummy's damn cute. And today, when I was on my way home after cell. I called Mummy & Daddy, none of them picked up the call :( I wanted Daddy to fetch me home because I was having a super hard time walking home, left leg's muscle damn tight, limping all the way lah. And when I reached home... ALL OF THEM WERE PLAYING MAHJONG! Wahlau, Mummy Daddy Jie & Kor eh :( HAHAAAA! So I, went in tothe room and got stucked to the comp :D And rotted in front of it. Oh, when boredom strikes, I did alot of lame random quizzes on FB!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update soon! Loves.... Back from camp already!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Holla! I'm back. HAHAHA! Been really busy recently uh. Back to summarising my week :D We shall go backwards! Oh, switched my blogskin. The previous one screwed up lah! I'm still working on it. Soon all the links and whatever will appear :) Heh. And there'll be pictures soon. Really, no joke this time. GSS's here lah, and I wanna go shopping so badly. But I cant, really damn broke already. I'm like aiming for a new pair of slippers, my slippers like gonna gone case :( Need a new bag, current one tearing :( New wallet, red one spoilt :( AND I want another jacket, I dont have a pink jacket lah :( But I've got alot of jackets and I think Daddy will go crazy if I come back with another. I kinda love jackets :D Oh, and I owe pressies :( All these = B R O K E!

Yesterday, 14 June.
Church and jamming. We jammed from 3pm to 9pm :D Heh. And my cramps hurt really badly. Jamming was okay, except for the cramps part. Didnt have much appetite either. For lunch ate like quarter of my two piece meal then gave all to DT, and for dinner, munched only 2 mouthfuls of rice then gave to DT again. HAHA! Supper at Macs as usual. Then home sweet home :) Talked on the phone with dear ABBY!

Saturday, 13 June.
Was kinda rare that I ws home the whole day! But that was because I slept for 15 hours! Broke my 12 hours record. HAHAHA! Too tired from Playmax! Went for lunch and grocery shopping with Mummy at Rivervale Mall. Kinda fun actually. Most of the time I was looking for food and snacks that I want to eat, so I just took'em and put into the trolley. I got icecream tooooo! Favourite :D We kinda roame around for a few hours then homed. Did Maths online homework back home and Mummy baking. I had an awesome long chat with Matthew lah. We were discovering each other's "secret" HOHO! Had fun. Slept quite late because of my 15 hour sleep, was feeling super energetic the whole night!

Friday, 12 June.
Playmax! Heh :) It was awesome uh. Stayed over at Honey's house. Was suppose to meet Michelle, Alicia and Abby in the train at 8am. But I left home at 8, so I rushed to the train station, only to find out I wasnt late. So I phoned them and they said they were leaving home. I waited for hours... And did my wordsearch. Super addictive. But like after 20 mins they werent her even after receiving messages from Abby that they were in the bus / waiting for train already. And like they were coming from Yishun luh, and I was at Khatib. 2 mins reach already lah! HAHAHA! Then when they asked me to board the coming train, I did. But they alighted cause they couldnt find me. Damn funny. Finally we met and I found out that when they told me they were on the bus, they just left home -.- Shouldnt have rushed to the train station lah. HAHA! Played games that were wild and fun :D Lots of piccys taken! And we even won B&J voucher lah. Fave also! Headed over to Cityhall. Was supposed to watch GOGP with Abby, Josh and Amos, but I backed out. Went over to Sunte to look for the rest instead. Dinner then home. Cramps hurt super badly...

Thursday, 11 June.
Went studying with Honey at Yishun! HAHAHA! Great achievement lah. I completed almost half my homework luh... HAPPY :DDDD We wentfor late lunch and walked around NorthPoint. Then we went crazy back home with all the laughters, but we were still studying lah. Heh. Slept quite lah though. I ps-ed Alicia & Abby for the sleepover at Michelle's house. But they enjoyed lah, AND SLEPT AT LIKE 3AM, NO WONDER THE NEXT DAY MAKE ME WAIT SO LONG. HOHO! :)

Wednesday, 10 June.
Meeting in church early in the morning. Semi-conscious. Heh :) Lunched at Compass with Abby, they rest ate at Kopitiam. We decided to eat at Sakae. But the buffet starts only at 3pm and it was only 2 then. So we went to Popular and got a wordsearch. Stood outside Sakae and waited till it was 3! Sound super Singaporean. But it was damn addictive and super fun lah! HAHAHA! We ate for about 2 hours + all the talkings lah. Came out super full. Headed over to my home, packed my stuffs and went over to Abby's. Study planned failed. We ended up watching Mall Cop! HAHAHA! Over to Honey's house at 9pm :)

This is all I can remember bout my week. I think I'm gonna disappear awhile luh. I'm going iceskating tomorrow! YAY! Maybe Flyer on Wednesday night. And there's youth camp on Thursday. Try to update soon lah. Miss me!
PS: Leave a comment for me kay!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

HEHE! I'm like finally back. After a period of longgggg break :) I thought I'd be more free during the holidays, but I'm like so wrong, so much busier ay. I'm gonna do some proper updating now. Lets rewind back to last week. HAHAHA!

Last day of school: Laughed my ass off during 2 whole Chinese periods. Thanks to all the lame jokes by the guys uh. Friday 290509: Met my pretty dearest love/ Jiamin, Jasmine & Jiachun. Movie date at Vivo; Night at the Museum 2 :D But I had to leave early for meet the parent session. Cell in the night then music retreat overnight in church. Love them lots. HOHO! I slept on the table cause smarty pantz me didnt bring my sleeping bag, and my jacket was super thin :'( And, the table's like for kindergarden one, damn small. I felt damn tall that night. Heh. I borrowed Joe's jacket to sleep. Then I kept on waking up in the middle of the night, freezing uh. Then Brenda came in to cover me with Wanzhen's jacket. And I woke up in the morning, with DT's jacket on me. HAHAHA! Brenda said I was shivering throughout the night. I didnt know that uh. Breakfast then discussion for 5hours plus. I almost fell asleep, or rather I did fall asleep awhile. Dinner at Compass then back to church for FFW. Home sweet home. Sunday 310509: Service then sunday school. KFC for lunch in church and off to Expo for GDOP :D It was a blast man, damn high lah :DDD Thumbs up! Oh, Adrian was there too, didnt see him only. Heh! Food fair was next, super squeezyyy! We parted ways, I ended up with DT, enjoying food. HAHA! Headed over to Tampines 1. FROLICK :) Then homed. Monday was school, Maths lesson. And I'm seriously thinking of giving up Amaths :( I dont get anything outta it. Tuesday = rest day. Wednesday: Chem lesson in the morning and Science Centre after that! Its been ages since I last went there. And everything there just fascinates me uh, very the interesting. I wanna go there again! We were suppose to do some amazing race around, but my group or clique gave up and ended up exploring. Back home about 6plus. Napped in Mummy's room. Then Jie couldnt find me at home, so she called Mummy and said I went out and disappeared from home without taking my phone. HAHAHAHAHA! Damn funny. Got Mummy so anxious and worried about what happened to me. But sometime later she came in the room and found out I was sleeping, she thought the person sleeping was Kor.

Went out with dear Joanne yesterday. Missed her hell lot lah. We were damn high lah, busy catching up with each other and crapping. Had lunch at Acia, something like that. Got free flow of drinks and icecream. She super auntie lah! HAHAHA! Went home around 6plus. Mummy cooked dinner. Napped after that. I like to sleep, alot. So I couldnt sleep during midnight- I woke up at 12am. Used the comp till 4-ish until Jie came home. Woke up around 10 today. Met Sandra around 1.30pm and headed to Toapayoh. She collected her stuffs and was off to Plaza Sing for movie; Hannah Montana. HAHAHA! But it was not bad okay. I like her boyfriend, hot stuff. Met Olie at Compass and Jie came over to pass me money. I'm very broke already. AND GSS IS HERE :'( I've got the urge to spend all my money in my bank, but I cant :( Damn, start saving. HAHA! Cell was awesome today. Damn funny lah. And back home. Mummy was damn funny. She always has a thing about her pronunciations. Because dear Daddy sprained his back, so he's got medicine to take and all. Below's the conversation between Mummy & Daddy :D

Me: *Drinking water*
Mummy: "What's that you just ate?"
Daddy: "Painkiller lah. Can keep leh."
Mummy: "Kay. Then your garlic medicine ley?" *Continue yakking away*
Me: *Starts laughing and spits out my water, got choked*
Daddy: *Started laughing as well*
All burst out laughing.

Bedtime. Jie's not coming home tonight, so I'm gonna sleep on the top and not bottom. YAY! Tomorrow's heading to town! Shopshopshop, walkwalkwalk. But there's a reason why Imma going there :D NIGHTY!